Welcome to The Hamer Foundation, a Christian charity for the relief of the underprivileged in Africa with particular emphasis on the Hamer people of Ethiopia

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We would be most gratefully for links to our site and permission to exhibit photographs of southern Ethiopia, for further information and offers of help please e-mail us;  info@thehamerfoundation.org or use the contact page. - Thank you

Time line establishing The Hamer Foundation:


[July, 2005]
Lord Hamer makes a chance discovery that there is an indigenous group in southern Ethiopia know as the Hamer People

[August, 2005]

His curiosity aroused Lord Hamer makes the decision to discover as much as possible about southern Ethiopia

[May, 2007]

Having had to deal with the devastating consequences of multiple sclerosis which are inflicting his wife at an ever increasing rate Lord Hamer asks several close friends to look into ways to help the Hamer People, particularly those living with debilitating illnesses.

[May, 2008]

The Hamer Foundation was formed with the specific charitable aims of helping the Hamer People in the following ways:

To help and assist with medical facilities for those suffering from debilitating conditions.

To help and assist with educational needs, to include, buildings, educational materials and teachers.

[July 21, 2008]
The launch of the web site you are now viewing.